About the Novel

Who murdered Hamlet’s father? Hamlet decided the killer was his uncle Claudius. After all, as a result of the assassination, Claudius became Denmark’s king. But did Hamlet get it right? And what about those other high-ranking persons, including Hamlet and Claudius, who ended up dead? Would Ophelia, the lord chamberlain’s daughter Hamlet was in love with, know?

The Lord Chamberlain’s Daughter is the eighth award-winning novel by Ron Fritsch published by Asymmetric Worlds. It is the winner in the mystery category of the 2020 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

“Ophelia offers the true story behind what caused things to turn rotten in Denmark in this postmodern take on Hamlet. Rather than a pitiable character driven mad by unrealized longing, this Ophelia is a strong, intelligent force who moves to improve her fate. The story unfolds in a clear, straightforward fashion, with a solid grasp of where all the plot pieces are at any time. This inventive retelling of Hamlet resonates through clear plotting and strong characterization.” Kirkus Reviews  (The complete review appears on the Reviews page.)

“Ophelia lives in Fritsch’s imaginative recasting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a murder mystery.  Fans of alternate takes on classic characters will be intrigued.” Publishers Weekly (The complete review appears on the Reviews page.)

The Lord Chamberlain’s Daughter is a seductive tale of power and greed, love and sacrifice, murder and betrayal, and the senseless war that caused it all  The writing drives the story forward with an enticing pace and attention to detail that keeps the reader captivated and guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (The complete review appears on the Reviews page.)

The Lord Chamberlain’s Daughter is Shakespeare’s Hamlet story “with a powerful female protagonist driving the action. Fritsch fully develops the character of Ophelia so that her story feels believable and authentic. This is fan fiction at its finest. This Ophelia comes with power and poise, pulling all the strings while the men destroy each other.” Michelle Jacobs for The US Review of Books (The complete review appears on the Reviews page.)

“A solid revisionist take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Fritsch’s alternative plot is logically worked out and clearly told. Fritsch’s storytelling brings freshness to a classic. Shakespeare fans will enjoy this adaptation of Hamlet, which gives a woman center stage without straying too far from the original.” BookLife (The complete review contains a spoiler and therefore does not appear on the Reviews page.)

The Lord Chamberlain’s Daughter has received an honorable mention award in the Reader Views literary awards in the historical fiction category. The book has also been selected as a Book Excellence Awards finalist in the historical category.